"Mmmmmmm," Xander purred as Spike’s hands worked slowly down his back, massaging deep into the muscles. "That feels sooooooo good."

"Sure does, luv," Spike grinned, loving the firm, warm buttocks between his thighs, the warmth of his Consort’s skin under his hands, the glorious strong beat of his Consort’s heart. Slow, yeah, and that wasn’t all the changes – Xander’s skin and hair were so fine and soft, fairly glowing with vitality, there was an even greater firmness to his muscles, a greater solidity to his bones, and oooohhhh, something in his eyes, something hot and wild. And he was healing fast, faster than even Spike would have credited. Only two days since Ravyadha had been defeated, and he was walking already, getting to the bathroom and back under his own power. Sure, his gait wasn’t steady, and his grip still lacked its former strength, but he was still mending fast, and Spike was willing to bet his last bottle of stout that in three more days Xander would be completely recovered.

Angel had been impressed, too. He’d offered Xander a last drink of his own powerful blood to speed the healing process, and seemed both surprised and flattered when Xander actually took him up on it.

On the way out, Angel had stopped, hesitated just a moment, then embraced Spike warmly; Spike had surprised himself by hugging back.

"Take good care of him," Angel said quietly. "And yourself. You’re both very special." He nipped the side of Spike’s throat lightly, barely scratching the skin. "And you’re my family."

Spike swallowed hard around the lump in his throat.

"Yeah, well, you look out for your Watcher," he said. "You two should get on – both poncy, broody gits, you are." He grinned. "And you both don’t look half bad in black leather."

"Thanks. I think," Angel added wryly. He clasped Spike’s shoulder. "Come visit, Will. Don’t be a stranger."

"And you." Spike took a small box out of his pocket and pushed it into Angel’s hand. "Open it when you get home. And don’t say I never gave you nothing."

Angel glanced at the box, then looked up at Spike with startled eyes.

"Spike – "

"Ah, get out, you great bleedin’ pouf," Spike said, cheerfully pushing Angel out the door and locking it behind him and chuckling. He’d cashed in the debt he was owed, and Leng Mei, big as a hippo now, had come through – Frisian bonding rings weren’t easy to come by, but he’d known if anyone had one lying about, it was the Risza. Spike laughed to himself – Angel actually would wait till he got home to open it, unlike Spike, who’d have had the box open by the time he reached the car, just in time to shag his lover in the back seat.

But finally now Spike was alone with his beautiful, living Xander, and he found he didn’t really give a toss what Angel and his ex-Watcher were doing right now. He was much more interested in what he suspected he was going to be doing pretty damned soon.

"Feeling better, luv?" Spike asked hopefully, working the stiffness out of Xander’s lower back.

Xander flipped over abruptly, almost dislodging Spike, but he grabbed Spike’s hips, steadying the vampire on top of him. Xander was grinning wickedly, and his erection was hard as steel against Spike’s buttocks.

"All kinds of better," Xander said huskily. "Too much better, actually. I mean, I may actually be sitting comfortably at the meeting tomorrow night."

"Oops, can’t have that, can we?" Spike chuckled. "Suppose I ought to do something about that, maybe shag you so hard you’ll be feeling it all day."

"That would do it," Xander agreed. "Only thing is, there’s one small problem . . . "

Spike frowned.

"What problem?"

Xander held up his hand, his eyes on Spike’s, and slowly drew the ring off his finger.

"Problem is," he said softly, "I need some help putting my ring on. Think you’re up to it?" He held the ring out.

Spike swallowed, his dead heart flipping over. He took the ring and slowly slid it down over Xander’s finger.

"Mine," he whispered. "Forever."

Xander’s eyes were shining, almost glowing.

"Yours," he promised. "Forever."

And as suddenly as that, the hunger surged through Spike, hot and powerful, overwhelming, and he realized with a dim amazement that the hunger was not his alone. Without transition, Spike went to game face, feeling Xander’s blood calling him, hot and powerful and alive.

"Want you," he rasped. "Want you so fucking bad."

Xander wrapped his arms around Spike and pulled him down, lips hot against Spike’s, warm wet tongue sliding briefly over his fangs.

"Want you too," Xander growled. "Want you hot and hard and fast and now."

The briefest pause, brown eyes staring into gold, and then they were both grabbing for the lube at the same time. Xander with his longer reach grabbed it first, and he thrust the tube into Spike’s hand, pulling his knees up and back.

The sight of his Consort wide open for him, eyes hot and begging, was almost more than Spike could take. He gave Xander a cursory preparation, made up for it by way too much lubricant smeared over them both, and sheathed himself in his Consort’s tight heat with one strong push.

They howled together, the bond flaring wide open between them until Spike could no longer tell whether he was taking or taken. Someone clawed at someone’s back; someone thrust hard and deep. Fangs and blunt mortal teeth broke skin, completing the circle in flesh and blood, pain and pleasure, hot fluid flowing between them as the pleasure exploded fast and hard and glorious, a fire that burned them both to ash and embers.

A moment or an eternity later, Spike drowsily licked the sweaty shoulder under him, folded his hands over the firm chest and propped his chin up.

"So, luv," he said. "You said we’d go on a trip when there was time in between saving the world. Guess we’ve about earned a vacation, hmmm?"

Xander chuckled breathlessly.

"I guess we have," he said. "Got anywhere in mind?"

"Dunno," Spike shrugged. "Maybe London." Then he grinned. "But LA first. Got an invite to visit, we did."

Xander raised his eyebrows.

"I don’t think Angel meant right away," he said. "I mean, I imagine he and Wesley might like some, uh, private time. Kind of like a honeymoon."

"Sure they would," Spike said cheerfully. "Can’t let them get by with that, can we? Besides, it’ll burn the Slayer something fierce, us going, hmmm?"

Xander laughed.

"Spike, you’re a bad, bad vampire," he said. He squirmed slightly under Spike, letting Spike feel his returning erection.

"That’s right, luv," Spike purred, thanking the Powers for hormonal teenagers. "I’m the Big Bad. Just the way you love it."

"Forever," Xander smiled, and kissed him.

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