“Mmmmmm,” Blair purred. “Oh, man, I’m loving this.”


“I don’t exactly hate it myself, Chief,” Jim chuckled.


“I’ll give you about a million years to quit that.”


“Don’t worry,” Jim said, grinning. “I could keep this up forever.”


“Oh, man. Prove it.”


Blair leaned back into the strokes. Jim worked his fingers through the lather a moment longer, then reluctantly withdrew his hands.


“Time to rinse, Chief.”


Blair smiled as Jim slowly rinsed the shampoo out of his hair. Jim loved to play with his hair. It was a rare day now when Blair was forced to shampoo and condition his own hair. Or comb it, for that matter. Jim could spend hours at that task, the brush moving slowly, hypnotically through Blair’s curls. Jim said he liked the intimacy of tending his lover. Blair suspected there was a little more to it than that.


Blair sighed contentedly as Jim applied conditioner. The week since the Shelburn stakeout, since the night when he and Jim had declared their love for each other, had been the happiest of his life. Jim was a wonderful, considerate lover, wild, tender, passionate, attentive. Even (occasionally) romantic. It was a side of Jim Ellison Blair could never have imagined. Sometimes he wondered if he really knew his lover at all.


And in some ways he still didn’t, he knew. Up to this point he still hadn’t taken Jim, although Jim had brought the subject up once or twice, not pushing, just hinting. Blair had every intention of doing it; he was just waiting for the right occasion to make losing that particular virginity as special for Jim as Jim had made it for him. Right now he was still in the learning process.


And he was learning all kinds of interesting things about Jim Ellison.


Like, for example, this fascination Jim had with his hair.


He washed it, he conditioned it, he dried it, he combed it. He played with it at every opportunity. Sniffed it when they kissed. Nuzzled it when they made love. Buried his face in it when he came. Given the evidence at hand, or, to be precise, at this moment in Jim’s hands, Blair might just possibly draw the conclusion that Jim had a thing for his hair.


Blair decided to test his theory.


“You know, I’ve been thinking of getting a haircut,” he said casually.


The hands in his hair froze. Jim stopped breathing.




“Why – “ The word came out distinctly strangled. Jim cleared his throat, but when he spoke, his voice was distinctly unsteady. “Why would you do a thing like that?”


“Oh, I don’t know.” Blair ticked off points on his fingers. “One, it’s a lot of trouble.”


“I don’t mind.”


“Two, it gets into everything, including my eyes when I’m trying to work.”


“Tie it back.”


“Three, I’d look more like part of the team at the station and less like a perp. This rookie almost handcuffed me the other day.”


“You look like yourself, which is just how I like you, and if anybody gets to handcuff you, it’s definitely going to be me.”


“Four, I get sick and tired of all the ‘Hairboy’ cracks at the station.”


“I’ll kill the next person who says a word.”


“Gee, Jim, I didn’t know you cared.”


“Blair, if my three hundred or so declarations of undying love in the past week haven’t gotten through, here’s one more: I love you.”


“I meant about my hair.”


“I love you, and your hair is part of you. Therefore I love your hair. It’s a package deal, and I like the package just fine as is.”


Blair chuckled.


Good recovery, man. But not good enough.


Blair let the subject drop for the day. He needed time to plan. When he’d worked out his plan, he needed to make a few purchases. When he’d made the purchases, he had to wait for a day off. This particular plan needed atmosphere, relaxation and plenty of free time, and Jim had been working a grueling schedule lately with a heavy caseload. Fortunately, by virtue of closing three cases after several consecutive 18-hour days, Jim finagled a rare weekend off, which fit in nicely with Blair’s nefarious scheme to drive his lover completely out of his mind.


Blair broached the subject as they were driving home from the station Friday night.


“You know, Jim, I want us to feel completely free to express ourselves in bed,” he said.


Jim frowned slightly.


“In English, Chief?”


“I mean, we both said we wanted complete honesty in bed. So I want us both to feel like we can, you know, just blurt out whatever we want – whims, needs, fantasies, all that good stuff.”


To Blair’s amazement, Jim suddenly looked distinctly uneasy. He’d also gone an interesting shade of red.


“Uh – as in what?”


“Oh, I don’t know,” Blair said, shrugging. “Just in general.”


“Oh.” Jim calmed slowly, which was good; Blair had, just for a moment, thought Jim might actually have a panic attack or something. “Yeah. That’s – that sounds good.”


“So I have this fantasy,” Blair said.


To his surprise, instead of getting uneasy again, Jim relaxed.


“I figured,” he said. “What fantasy?”


“Ummmm – were you serious about the ‘been there, done that’ comment?”


Jim looked uneasy again. Interesting.


“Uh, yeah. Pretty much.”


Blair took a deep breath.


“Ever been shaved?”


Jim was silent for a long moment.


“As in, uh, pubic?”


“All over. Full-body shave. Well, head excluded. You can’t spare any there.”


Jim snorted.


“I’m ignoring that. The answer to your question is no.”


“Can I shave you?”


“After that crack about my head? I should make you beg.”


“Try this: Can I shave you and then fuck you senseless?”


Jim gasped, shuddered, and abruptly pulled the truck to the side of the road, occasioning several horn honks, curses, and creative hand gestures.


“Jesus Christ, Chief, are you trying to get us both killed, or do you just get your kicks out of making me come in my pants while driving?”


“You came in your pants?”


“No, but it was a damn near miss, like that BMW, which is being driven by a man who probably has a lawyer on retainer.”


“So was that a yes or a no?”


“It’s a yes. In fact it’s a yes with underlining, italics, boldface, all caps and five exclamation points.”


“Wow. That’s a pretty emphatic yes.”


“I’ve got a pretty emphatic erection going on here.”


Blair looked.


“Wow. You sure do. Want me to drive? You’re interfering with the steering wheel.”


“That would probably be a good idea. That way I can spring brain-melting fantasies on you in life-threatening situations. Fair’s fair. So when do I get to – pardon me, have to endure this shaving ritual?”


Blair chuckled.


“Tomorrow, after a long night’s sleep and a big lunch,” Blair said. “You’ll need all your strength.” He smiled. “Shaving you is just the beginning.”


“Oh God,” Jim groaned, closing his eyes. “Have a little mercy here, Chief. We have to walk up stairs when we get back.”


Blair took pity on Jim and they took the elevator. As soon as they were through the front door Jim started pulling at Blair’s clothes, but Blair grabbed his hands, halting him.


“Uh-uh,” Blair said firmly. “Save it for tomorrow, Big Guy.”


Jim groaned pitifully.


“Oh, man, you can’t be serious,” he said. “Not even a quick handjob between buddies?”


“Not even, buddy,” Blair said implacably. “Will you behave, or do I have to sleep downstairs tonight?”


“Not that,” Jim begged. “Please, please don’t deprive me of my favorite cuddle toy, security blanket and bed warmer.”


“All right, all right,” Blair surrendered, laughing. “But no foreplay disguised as ‘cuddling.’ Just sleep tonight. We’re both pooped anyway. Look at you – you’re asleep on your feet. Even if I gave in, you’d just fall asleep in the middle.”


“Wanna bet?”


“No, wanna sleep.”


Jim sighed miserably as they went to bed.


The next morning Blair got up early, letting an exhausted Jim sleep in while he showered, washed his hair and started a big crock pot full of chicken posole, one of Jim’s favorites. To his surprise, Jim slept until nearly noon – he must have indeed been completely worn out. Well, all the better, because Blair had every intention of keeping him up tonight. In every sense of the word.


Jim stumbled downstairs looking bleary but relaxed.


“Mmmm, smells great,” he yawned. “Chicken posole?”


“Uh-huh.” Blair glanced up as Jim wandered into the bathroom. “Don’t shower or shave yet.”


A pause; then Jim’s head reappeared at the corner.


“Why not?”


“It’s better if you don’t shower before I shave you. And I’ll shave your face while I’m doing the rest of you.”


Suddenly Jim looked a lot more wide awake.


“Oh. That. Uh, why? The shower, I mean.”


“The shaving’s less likely to irritate your skin if you don’t wash off the natural skin oils first. Also you’re going to have to wash afterward anyway, to make sure all the lather and little hairs are gone, and besides, I’m going to bathe you myself afterward, to make sure I didn’t miss anywhere.”


“Oh.” Jim blinked. He swallowed hard. “And now, having said all that, you actually expect me to sit down and eat like a civilized human being instead of carrying you off and ravaging you like the savage beast I am?”


Blair chuckled.


“I’m appealing to your inner gourmet, Jim. You can carry me off and beast-fuck me, or you can wait just a little while and be deflowered as part of an incredible erotic experience, courtesy of my not inconsiderable imaginative powers and my reputedly phenomenal skills.”


Jim swallowed again.


“Uh – tough choice,” he said in a hoarse voice. “I guess my inner gourmet wins. But not by much, so could you keep the conversation G-rated while we eat?”


“You got it.”


Jim dug into the posole with the appetite of a starving man, not surprising after so many days of bolted or skipped meals. Blair chuckled and watched Jim. It was good to see the shadows gone from under his eyes. His lover had had a rough couple of weeks, and Blair resolved to give Jim a lot of cuddling and pampering, together with an experience he was sure neither of them would ever forget.


When lunch was finished, Blair started to clear up the dishes, but Jim embraced him from behind, burying his face in Blair’s hair.


“Leave them,” he said huskily.


Blair grinned as he felt Jim nuzzling through his curls.


“Jim Ellison, the Tupperware tyrant, leaving dirty dishes in the sink? Man, you must need it bad.”


“You have no idea.”


“Okay then.” Blair fetched the beach blanket. “Make the bed and lay this over it, take your clothes off and lie down. I’ll be up in just a minute.”


Jim blinked rapidly, his eyes fairly glazing with arousal, leaving Blair wondering whether it was the prospect of the shaving, the anticipation of Blair fucking him, or maybe the fact that Blair had just given him an order. Wow. Blair filed that maybe-kink under “possibilities to explore” and watched Jim walk rather unsteadily upstairs.


Blair prepared a big bowl of nice warm lather, wrapping the heating pad around the bowl to keep it comfortably warm. He made sure the straight razor was sharp and that he had the sharpening strap, spare blades and warm damp towels before he carried the tray upstairs, placing it on the nightstand and plugging in the heating pad. Jim was lying on the beach blanket as Blair had directed, and just the sight of him stretched out, naked and hard and watching Blair, was enough to take Blair’s breath away. He took a deep breath and dipped the brush in the lather, then smoothed the lather over Jim’s face.


“I’ll get your face first,” he said softly. “Then work my way down.”


Blair had expected at least some apprehension – he was pretty sure Jim had never shaved with a straight razor – but Jim lay quietly while Blair shaved his face and neck, turning his head and raising his chin when appropriate.


“You’re really good at this, Chief,” Jim said when he could speak without risking serious injury. “Nary a nick. Done it before?”


“Well, that kind of depends on what you mean by ‘it’,” Blair said. He brushed lather over Jim’s chest. “I’ve never shaved a man before, and I’ve never shaved a face before, other than my own, that is. But believe me, this is nothing near as tricky as giving a woman a pubic shave.”


Jim chuckled.


“If you say so. I think your experiences in that arena are a subject I’d rather not delve into too deeply.”


“Good, then you won’t force me to plead the Fifth.” Shaving the hard planes of Jim’s chest was easy, almost effortless. Jim made a little whimpering sound and his nipples hardened.


“Feel good?”


“Uh-huh.” Jim bit his lip. “Don’t take this as a complaint or anything, but, you know, I don’t have any hair on my chest.”


“Sure you do,” Blair said, continuing. “Everybody has hair all over their bodies – very short, fine hair. Just wait. You’ll be able to tell quite a difference when I’m done.”


Jim laughed a little breathlessly.


“Once again, Chief, I’ll bow to your obvious expertise.”


Blair worked his way over Jim’s torso, pausing frequently to assure that the razor was absolutely sharp, but skirting Jim’s groin for the moment. Instead he moved on to Jim’s arms and legs. By the time Blair brushed lather over Jim’s pubic hair, Jim was trembling, his breath coming in little panting moans, and his cock stuck up out of the lather like a banana out of a bowl of whipped cream. That particular analogy made Blair’s mouth water, and he seriously considered giving Jim a little interim relief, but he firmly fought down the impulse. The waiting was part of the fun.


“Do you need a break, Jim?” he asked quietly. “A minute to settle down, maybe? I don’t want you to zone out or anything.”


Jim took a deep breath, visibly calming himself. Despite his arousal and probably a hefty helping of anxiety, he was remarkably relaxed, at least physically.


“I’m okay,” he said softly. “God, Blair, whatever gave you the idea of doing this? I mean, I had no idea.”


Blair chuckled.


“Hey, you make it sound like this is the main course,” he said. “Believe me, this is just the appetizer. I’ve got a full banquet planned, and I hope you’re in the mood for exotic cuisine today.”


Jim moaned as Blair began to work his way carefully around the edges of Jim’s groin.


“Chief, at this point I’d gladly settle for meatloaf and lumpy spuds.”


“Not from me, you don’t,” Blair retorted. When Jim didn’t answer, Blair withdrew the razor and glanced up. “Keep talking to me, okay, Jim? I really don’t want you to zone, and I’ve got to keep my eyes on what I’m doing.”


Jim gasped as Blair began shaving again, but held absolutely still.


“I find myself – kind of at a loss for words,” he said unsteadily.


“Then babble, I don’t care,” Blair said cheerfully. “Let’s see. Since you’re indulging one of my fantasies here, you could always tell me one of yours. Or I could just ask you nosy questions.”


Jim’s breath shortened.


“Uh – I don’t think I can do the fantasy thing on the few brain cells I’ve still got firing at the moment.”


“Okay. Nosy questions, then.” Blair mentally went through the list of about two hundred questions he was dying to ask Jim, especially now that he had a captive audience. “Hmmm. So how long have you known you were bisexual? Have you always known?”


“Uh. No.” Jim shook his head slightly; his color had risen. “I figured it out when I was in the Rangers. It took me a while to do anything about it. I experimented a little bit, but I didn’t really, you know, get into it until Covert Ops and afterward.”


“Before you were with Cascade PD, then,” Blair said thoughtfully. “Wow. Did you ever think about going out with Simon?”


Blair had to hurriedly snatch the razor away again as Jim half-rose abruptly, propping himself up on one elbow. He looked stunned.


“How the hell did you know about Simon?” Jim asked blankly. “I don’t think he’s ever even told anybody else at the PD besides me, and that was over a hell of a lot of drinks one night.”


“He didn’t tell me,” Blair said. “I wondered at first. I don’t know why. He keeps a pretty tight rein on himself. I don’t know what I was picking up on. Maybe it’s because I have so many gay and bisexual friends at the U, and I guess maybe I developed some gaydar or something. But I didn’t know for sure until my friend Chad told me that his cousin Jeff, who works at the station down in records, was going to ask Simon out for a date. I think Chad was kind of looking for a character reference or something.”


Jim slowly subsided back to the bed, and Blair cautiously began shaving again.


“So what did you tell Chad?”


“That if I wasn’t head-over-heels gone over you, and if there was any chance at all I’d cross the tracks for another man, I’d have been seriously tempted to go after Simon,” Blair said simply. “I mean, come on. He’s gorgeous, he’s built, he’s a really great guy under all that growling, he’s loyal, honest, committed – “


“Uh – I’m starting to get a little worried here,” Jim mumbled.


“No need,” Blair said reassuringly. “Believe me, Jim, I spent three years with you believing I didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. The fact that I didn’t give up and go chasing after Simon despite all that should show you just how far gone I was – am – on you, lover.”


Jim nodded slowly.


“I guess I can’t argue with that,” he admitted.


“So you never answered my question,” Blair pressed. “Did you ever think about going out with Simon?”


“Not my type,” Jim said flatly and, to Blair’s way of thinking, rather hastily. “And before you ask, no, I’ve never dated any other men at the PD. So – my turn.” His voice lightened. “When are you going to tell Naomi about me?”


“Next time I see her in person.” Blair carefully shaved around Jim’s erection. “It’s going to really rock her world. Not that I’m having sex with a guy, even a cop, but that I’m, you know, committed to him. Naomi was never real big on commitment. Bend your knees up and put your feet flat on the bed – yeah, just like that. Now spread your knees real wide. Good.”


Jim was silent for a long moment, possibly because Blair was ever so carefully shaving his scrotum and the creases of his thighs. When he spoke again, however, his voice held a note of worry.


“What if she doesn’t like the idea of, you know, you and me?”


“Too bad for her.” Blair shrugged. “She’s never had veto power on my love life before and she doesn’t have it now. I love Naomi, and I hope she can accept us, but I’m in love with you, and that’s the way it is.” He carefully wiped away the last of the lather, checking for stray hairs. “Okay. I need you to pull your knees way back now, okay?”


Jim took a deep breath and obeyed, gasping as Blair lathered and carefully shaved his perineum.


“You okay, Jim?” Blair said softly as he worked. “Anytime this gets to be too much for you, all you have to do is say so.”


“I’m – I’m okay,” Jim gasped. “Just – after this, can I have a minute, maybe a drink of water or something? Please?”


“Sure,” Blair said surprisedly. Why the hell was Jim asking? He finished quickly and wiped away the lather. “Just relax, Big Guy. I’ll go get you a drink while you settle down a little.”


He fetched up a glass of cold water and stroked Jim’s hair while the Sentinel drank, a little worried now. Jim was excited, sure, just as Blair had hoped he’d be, and a little anxious, as Blair had expected, but there was an emotional undertone to Jim’s response that Blair hadn’t expected. He’d never seen Jim that unsettled and yet at the same time so relaxed. Something in Jim’s demeanor sent Blair’s mind back to a time that spanned his undergrad and earlier grad student years, to certain events that made his cheeks heat. Someday, Blair knew, he’d have to tell Jim about those days, those events, just as sometime soon he’d need to pry a little more invasively into Jim’s ‘been there, done that’ past, but not now. Too new, too uncertain, too soon. But later.


Jim finished the water and put the glass on the nightstand, looking considerably more at ease.


“Okay now?” Blair asked softly. “Do you want to turn over and let me finish, or would you rather stop now?”


Jim blushed but smiled a little tightly.


“No, I’m okay,” he said quietly. He turned over on his stomach.


Blair switched blades and got back to work, enjoying the ritual of hiding Jim’s muscular body under the lather and slowly uncovering it again with the razor. Jim seemed calmer now.


“Hey, do I get to ask a nosy question?” Jim asked.


“Sure,” Blair said. He grinned. “The answer’s yes, I have indeed been shaved before. All over.”


Jim glanced over his shoulder.


“How the hell did you know I was going to – “


“Oh, come on,” Blair chuckled. “Obvious question. Anyway, I shaved her, she shaved me, we put down a piece of plastic sheeting and covered each other with massage oil and had a very slippery good time. And then we got in a big tub full of bubble bath and had another very slippery good time.”


“Ohhhhhh, God,” Jim groaned. “That was more information than a man in my position needed.”


Blair took the razor away.


“Raise your hips a little,” he said. When Jim obeyed, he pushed a pillow under Jim’s hips, taking the weight off Jim’s renewed erection.


“Whew,” Jim sighed with relief. “Thanks, Chief.”


“Anytime.” Blair tried not to smirk. The elevation of Jim’s hips caused his buttocks to part slightly, exposing Blair’s next target nicely. “So you liked that image, huh, Big Guy?”


“You were asking me about my fantasies. You just created one.”


“Okay,” Blair said amiably. “Like I said, I’ll try anything once. Or maybe twice.”


“You just said you’ve done it before.”


“Not with you, so that makes it all new and different. You okay with shaving me, Jim?”


A little shudder went through Jim’s body, forcing Blair to hurriedly withdraw the razor again.


“Any more okay and this pillow is doomed.”


“Mmmm, that’s what I like to hear,” Blair purred. He was shaving carefully over Jim’s buttocks now, working his way inward. “Just imagine me rubbing warm oil over your skin, allllllllll over you, over your whole body an inch at a time, a nice full-body massage while you think about how warm and slippery I’ll be, all the places you can rub oil on my body, the way we’ll slide against each other...“


“Uh, whoa, Chief,” Jim gasped. “Pause, time out, the pillow’s in serious danger here.”


Blair chuckled.


“Hey, just helping you polish up a fantasy,” he said innocently. Jim’s entire body went rigid when Blair shaved away the few stray hairs between his buttocks, but Blair was no longer worried that Jim might zone out. He was good and firmly trapped between the sensations of his body and the seductive fantasy Blair had spun in his mind.


Blair wiped away the last bits of lather and shaved hairs and shivered himself at the erotic image that confronted him – Jim Ellison, his Jim Ellison, his Sentinel, his soulmate, his lover, laid out for him, hairless and smooth from the neck down, one big gorgeous buff slick playground for one very imaginative, very lucky and very, very horny Guide.


First things first, though.


“Just relax a minute,” Blair murmured, kissing the back of Jim’s neck and making him shiver. “I’m going to run you a special bath, lover.”


Blair had discovered by accident (actually while trying to find some kind of scented candle that didn’t drive Jim crazy) that Jim found the aroma of sandalwood not only tolerable, but faintly arousing. Consequently Blair was now equipped with sandalwood bedside candles, sandalwood shampoo (which he’d used this morning), sandalwood massage oil, and, for just this occasion, sandalwood bath oil.


“Bath’s ready, Jim,” Blair said to the air when the tub was full. He lit the candles and switched off the light. “Come on down.”


From upstairs a rustle of cloth, then a gasp and a muttered, “Jesus Christ!” Blair postulated with a grin that Jim had just attempted to put on his bathrobe and discovered just how much more sensitive his newly shaven skin was. When Jim appeared in the bathroom door he was naked and wildly flushed.


“Man, Chief, you should have warned me,” he muttered.


“Warned you?” Blair said innocently. “Wow, Jim, I didn’t expect you to get dressed to take a bath. Hop in, okay?”


Jim gave Blair a scowl of mixed exasperation and amusement, but he stepped into the tub, gasping again as he sank into the water.


“Oh my God...“


“Shhhh, relax, lean back,” Blair said softly. When Jim laid his head back on the bath pillow that Blair held for him, Blair laid the cloth he’d moistened with cold water over Jim’s eyes. Jim’s hand came up, but he didn’t push the cloth away.


“What – “


“I just thought it would feel good while you’re sitting in the hot water,” Blair said. “Relax and let me take care of you.”


Nothing but the purest castile soap would do for this occasion. Blair wet the super-soft chamois he’d bought for just this occasion and began washing his Sentinel with all the love and tenderness in his heart, silently worshipping the smooth skin stretched so tautly over hard rippling muscle, trying for once to communicate with Jim as Jim so often spoke his own deepest feelings – through touch.


And there was no doubt that Jim was getting his message. Trembling as the soft cloth moved over his hypersensitive skin, Jim’s breath came in soft little moans and every muscle in his body tensed, but he lay still and let Blair make love to him with soap and warm scented water. When Blair gently washed his rock-hard cock, his tightening balls, the dark crease between his buttocks, Jim made a sound that came from the depths of his soul.


It was getting hard for Blair to concentrate. His interminable teasing of his Sentinel was a double-edged sword – the harder Jim got, the harder Blair got with him. Blair was far from sure he could last out the whole program he’d mentally choreographed for this occasion.


He rinsed Jim slowly, kissing him and gently removing the damp cloth over Jim’s eyes. The cloth had heated to a feverish warmth against his skin.


“Do you need me to leave you alone for a little while?” Blair whispered. “So you can take care of, you know – “


Jim smiled and traced the line of Blair’s cheek with one fingertip.


“Already taken care of,” he said softly. “While you were fixing lunch, and while I was refraining from shaving and showering.”


Blair turned his head and kissed Jim’s fingers, sucking Jim’s index finger into his mouth briefly.


“Then let’s get you dried off and upstairs,” Blair said simply. “Because I want you so bad I’m about to burst.”


Jim was up and out of the tub in one of those faster-than-vision moves that always astonished Blair – Did he learn that in Covert Ops, or in Peru, or is it part of the Sentinel thing? – and standing dripping wet on the rug, towel in hand. Blair hurriedly snatched the towel away before Jim could do that too.


“Let me,” he breathed.


Another chance to make love to Jim’s body with his hands. Another chance to drink in that smooth firm flesh even through the thickness of the towel. Another chance to feel Jim’s whole being responding to his touch, hear his breathing go ragged. When Jim was dry, Blair handed Jim one of the candles, picking up the other.


“Let’s take these up with us,” he said.


With the lights off, the candles cast a warm flickering light over the loft. Blair had considered rubbing lotion over Jim’s skin now, then had rejected the idea. Jim had been hard for quite a while now; no need to add one more round of sensory torture. So Blair whisked the beach blanket off the bed and stretched Jim out on the velour blanket on his back, smiling when Jim arched upward and moaned at the touch of the velvety fabric against his shaved skin.


“Oh, man,” Jim breathed, reaching for Blair. “I want this so badly. I think I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.”


“I know I have.” Blair moved over Jim’s body, let him feel the brush of Blair’s warm, hairy skin against his own smoothness. “But don’t get impatient, Jim, love. Let me give you something special. Something I know you’ll love.”


Jim pulled Blair to him, kissing him. Jim’s lips trembled.


“Anything,” Jim breathed into Blair’s mouth. “Anything.”


Anything. Blair’s mind reeled under visions of Jim in chains, blindfolded, hanging from a chandelier, in the water, on a grassy hillside in a thunderstorm, covered in whipped cream... God, I’m going insane.


“Close your eyes,” Blair whispered. “Hold on to the railing with both hands.”


Jim shivered, reaching over his head, his hands firmly clasping the railing. He closed his eyes, but not before Blair saw that they’d gone almost black with desire.


Ooooh, lover, this is DEFINITELY one to explore another day.


Blair scooted slightly down Jim’s body and tossed his head, flipping the length of his hair forward. He trailed it slowly down the center of Jim’s chest, feeling Jim’s body tense under him.


“What are you – “ Jim choked. “Oh my god – Chief – “


“D’you like my hair, Jim?” Blair murmured in his ‘Guide voice’, now sweeping his hair from side to side slowly over Jim’s suddenly diamond-hard nipples. “Do you like how it feels? How it smells? I know how much you love to touch it, play with it. But how much do you like it touching you?”


Jim’s only answer was an incoherent moan.


“Do you ever dream about my hair, Jim?” Blair continued. “Do you ever fantasize about it? What do you dream? Do you dream about it rubbing all over your body like this? Turn your sense of touch up a little, just a little – say two notches, Jim. Turn it up so you can feel every individual hair as it slides over your skin.”


Although Jim made no intelligible reply, Blair could pinpoint the exact second Jim obeyed. He could hear it in the catch of Jim’s breath, feel it in the thundering of his heart, smell it in the sheen of sweat that suddenly broke out all over Jim’s skin. Yes, this was what it felt like to be Jim, just a little bit, to read his lover’s mind through his senses, to know all his secrets as his body betrayed them. Blair smiled and then suddenly lashed his hair hard across Jim’s chest, side to side across Jim’s nipples.


Jim sobbed and arched upward, a breath away from orgasm, and Blair retreated, trailing his hair softly down Jim’s hard rippling abdomen, letting him subside back to the bed, breathing harshly.


“Oh God oh GodohGod,” Jim moaned, shuddering. “What are you doing to me?”


“Loving you,” Blair whispered. “I don’t just love you with my hands or my mouth or my cock or my ass, Jim. I love you with every part of my body, my mind, my heart, my soul. I want to make love to you with every part of me. It’s okay to want my hair, Jim. It’s okay to want anything from me. I wish you had a thousand desires, a million, so that I could spend the rest of my life discovering and fulfilling each one, each time we make love finding new ways to please you.”


His hair trailed up and down, back and forth over Jim’s flat belly now, just above his pubic bone, then around Jim’s navel in circles. He gently pressed Jim’s legs widely apart.


“I want to spend the rest of my life discovering every touch that pleases you,” Blair continued. He moved further down, skirting Jim’s groin despite his groan of protest, now sliding his hair up and down the insides of Jim’s thighs. “I want to know every sensation that makes you moan and cry out and call my name and come. I want us to find new pleasures you’ve never even tasted before. I want to make every time we’re together a fantasy.”


“Not – fantasy,” Jim groaned between gritted teeth. “No fantasy has ever been this good, this hot.”


“Well, turn it up one more notch, love,” Blair purred. “Because here comes the heat.”


Holding Jim’s thighs firmly, Blair trailed his hair ever so slowly over Jim’s taut scrotum, his throbbing erection. Jim let out a howl of pure animal lust, his hips thrusting upward, before his throat locked on his scream and his body froze, right on the edge.


Hurriedly Blair grasped the base of Jim’s cock and squeezed, just hard enough to halt Jim’s incipient climax in its tracks. Jim let out a startled yelp and collapsed back to the bed, shaking hard.


“Sorry, love, sorry,” Blair panted, wincing as he realized he’d just given Jim’s cock a good hard squeeze while Jim had his sense of touch turned up three notches. That had to have hurt. Still, Jim’s erection hadn’t lost one whit of its rigidity.


“I can’t believe – “ Jim gasped, trembling all over. “I can’t believe – “


“Can’t believe I’d hurt you like that?” Blair said apologetically.


Jim shook his head, still gasping for breath.


“Your hair – “ he wheezed.


“Oh. That.” Blair smiled. “Want more of my hair, you say?”


Jim groaned incoherently as Blair trailed his hair up the insides of Jim’s thighs again, then lashed it back and forth, high enough that it brushed the bottom of Jim’s scrotum. Jim grasped the rail over his head until even in the candlelight Blair could see that his knuckles were white. Jim’s erection was throbbing desperately, and Blair realized sympathetically that Jim had probably had just about as much teasing as he could take.


Blair bent over Jim’s cock, smiling devilishly as Jim shuddered at the fan of Blair’s breath over the aching flesh. Blair took a handful of his curls and wrapped them around Jim’s cock, pumping slowly up and down.


Jim froze, every muscle in his body taut, his eyes snapping wide open.


“Oh... my... GOD – “ Jim choked.


“Want to fuck my hair, Jim?” Blair purred, working his hair up and down Jim’s cock, feeling the erection throb impossibly harder under the slippery silky strands. “Do you want to push your cock through my hair, come all over it?”


“Blair – don’t – “ Jim gasped. “I’m – I’ll – “


“Just let go, lover,” Blair murmured. He had to bend down awkwardly to do it, but with his free hand he grasped another wad of curls and cupped Jim’s scrotum, rubbing softly over his tight balls and perineum. “Just let it all go.”


That was it – Jim screamed and arched agonizingly upward, taking Blair by surprise and nearly making him scalp himself, pumping out what felt like gallons of hot come over his abdomen and Blair’s hand, not to mention, of course, Blair’s hair. Blair held on and nursed Jim through the last shuddering spasms, releasing Jim only when the Sentinel slumped back to the bed with a whimper that sounded almost like pain. Blair then realized that Jim’s sense of touch was still boosted and he probably seriously needed a little break from all the stimulation.


Blair slid up beside Jim, in easy cuddling reach, and surreptitiously grabbed the wipes.


“You okay, Big Guy?” he whispered, kissing Jim softly as he wiped the splashes of semen from Jim’s skin and his own.


Jim moaned softly and didn’t open his eyes.


“You can let go of the rail now, you know,” Blair chuckled. He cleaned as much semen out of his hair as he could in one quick pass, then kissed Jim’s left nipple slowly, lingeringly, with tongue. “No passing out yet.”


“Chief, I don’t know if I’m up for dessert,” Jim muttered faintly.


“Dessert, hell, we’re still getting to the main course,” Blair grinned. “That was just the soup and salad course.” He found another wet patch in his hair and wiped it away. “Definitely soup.”


Jim opened his eyes blearily.


“Chief, you – “ Jim’s voice was hoarse. “You’re just – “


“Warped?” Blair suggested. “Perverted? Kinky?”


“Incredible,” Jim sighed. “Magical.”


Blair kissed Jim again, and this time, finally, felt a response. He slid over Jim’s body again, enjoying the contrast of his hairy skin over Jim’s smoothness; the friction wrung another groan out of Jim, this time one of contentment.


“Ready for the main event, lover?” Blair said softly. “Or do you need a little more time?”


Jim shook his head, his hands caressing Blair’s back.


“Now,” he whispered. “Right now.”


He hesitated.


“Can we do it like this? Face to face? Do you mind?”


“Just what I had in mind, Big Guy,” Blair said tenderly. He kissed Jim’s chin, his Adam’s apple, the curve of his collarbone, before working his way down Jim’s chest and abdomen. Jim gasped as Blair took his now-soft cock into his mouth, sucking warmly but gently, still mindful of Jim’s sensitivity, and Blair was delighted to feel a renewed stirring there.


“Man, I said you were magical,” Jim breathed. “But I didn’t know you could raise the dead.”


Blair chuckled, knowing Jim could feel the vibrations all through his cock, and that additional stimulation was enough to turn ‘slightly interested’ into ‘standing at full attention.’ Oh, Jim, I’m going to have such fun exploring all the ways we can play with your senses.


He continued to lick gently at Jim’s cock, watching Jim’s reactions. He had so many misgivings about this; in fact, come to think of it, he felt downright terrified. It was such a monumental gesture of trust for Jim Ellison, control freak extraordinaire, to allow Blair to enter his body that Blair was both awed and very, very apprehensive. Blair had been with virgins before – only twice, but even in this day and age it happened – and he’d even had anal sex a couple of times with women. But he’d never had anal sex with a virgin, or a man, or most of all, Jim. Jim who trusted him, Jim who loved him, Jim who had dared to show Blair the beautiful hungry beast hiding under all that control, Jim who somehow managed to overlook all of Blair’s many faults and focus on his few virtues... Jim who still slipped and called him ‘Casanova’ now and then, to Blair’s great discomfort. Jim who so very much needed Blair to do everything right.


Blair licked his way slowly up and down the creases in Jim’s thighs, a special erogenous zone that Blair had, to his great pride, discovered on his own. Then shaking fingers curled into his hair and pulled him back up over Jim’s body by main force. Jim’s face was flushed, his eyes dark and intense, his entire body sheened with sweat.


“What part of ‘right now’ didn’t you understand?” Jim said hoarsely.


“Sorry, lover,” Blair said, not sorry a bit. He reached for the little bottle of unscented oil, pouring some out onto his fingers. Jim could tolerate some lubes, but plain oil was always safe. Jim bent his legs up and apart, presenting an image of such trust and eroticism that it took Blair’s breath away.


“We’ll take this nice and slow,” Blair said in his ‘Guide voice’, rubbing oil liberally over and around Jim’s anus. “Stay with me, Jim. Did you turn your sense of touch back down?” he said suddenly, remembering.


“No.” Jim’s answer was the merest whisper.


“Turn it back down to normal, then,” Blair said, smoothing on more oil. “I don’t want you to zone out on me.” Just as he’d planned, the initial climax had relaxed Jim beautifully; now all Blair had to worry about was a zone-out.


Or, of course, hurting Jim, or frightening him, or making him feel too out of control, or coming too soon or –


“I love you,” Jim whispered, and suddenly everything was all right again.


Then Blair’s finger slid easily inside and they both moaned at the same time at the incredible sensation of Blair’s finger entering where no one had ever gone before. And although Blair had never done this with a man, much less Jim, he’d done his research (feverishly paging through books his gay friends had recommended, reading in his office, on the toilet, on the couch when Jim wasn’t home) and with minimal fumbling he found the slightly raised bump of Jim’s prostate.


Immediately Jim cried out, less of a scream than a hoarse, choked-off gasp, and Blair was glad he’d reminded Jim to turn touch back down to normal; for a moment he was afraid his Sentinel had overloaded and zoned anyway. Then Jim subsided, trembling, his fingers clutching desperately into the covers, his eyes wide and amazed staring into Blair’s.


“God, Chief,” Jim whispered shakily. “I thought you’d never – “


“I’ve never,” Blair confirmed. “With a guy, I mean. Just relax and enjoy it.”


A second finger slid in with surprising ease, then a third, leaving Blair stunned that Jim hadn’t tightened up on him at all.


“How about you, Big Guy?” Blair asked, keeping his tone light. “You’re taking this awfully easy, if you don’t mind me saying so. Are you sure you’ve never – “


Jim shook his head, his eyes still on Blair’s but his cheeks flushing crimson.


“I’ve never,” he panted, then smiled slightly. “With a guy, I mean.”


Blair thought about the permutations of that and raised his eyebrows.


“Uh, Jim, meaning?”


Jim flushed an even darker shade of red but apparently realized that his Guide was in an ideal position to torture the information out of him if he balked.


“Toys,” he admitted.


Blair felt a big wide grin blossom on his face at the idea of Jim all alone up in the loft with a box of various insertables, fucking himself, maybe imagining Blair doing it...


“That’s cool,” Blair said huskily, almost chuckling when Jim’s eyebrows shot up. “Or rather that’s really, really hot. Would you rather I start you off with something other than fingers, then?”


This time Jim’s face positively flamed, and he shook his head hurriedly.


“Your fingers are fine, Chief,” he said, then gasped as Blair rubbed gently over his prostate again. “More than fine. Besides, I don’t – ahhhh! – have anything like that up here now.”


Blair might have inquired further, but Jim chose that moment to push down impatiently against Blair’s fingers, and Blair realized that he was every bit as hungry for the “main course” as Jim – hungrier, in fact, since Jim was at least one course up on his Guide. He reached for the oil with his free hand, liberally coating his aching sex.


“Ready, Big Guy?” Blair whispered.


Jim never looked away for a second. He clasped the backs of his knees, pulling them back almost to his chest and wide apart.


“I’ve been ready for three years,” he said softly. “You’re mine, and now I want to be yours. Full circle, Love. Please.”


His heart singing, Blair slowly withdrew his fingers and guided his well-oiled cock into place.


“Take a deep breath, Jim,” he said softly, and when Jim let the breath out slowly, Blair pressed gently, steadily forward. There was one single breathless moment between them, eyes locked, a moment where the world hung still and silent around them; then Jim’s body opened, welcoming his Guide home.


No fear, no hesitation, no awkwardness, only the slippery snug embrace of Jim’s body around him, Jim’s moan of pleasure echoing Blair’s. Blair pressed steadily in, and Jim’s groans were nothing but pure happiness and desire, and then Blair was held safe and warm within his Sentinel. He leaned forward, and as if they’d rehearsed the maneuver Jim released his knees, clasping his legs around Blair’s waist, reaching up to cup Blair’s chin in his hands.


“So incredible,” Jim murmured, his eyes wide and wondering and joyful. “I can feel your heart beating inside me.”


“I feel like you’re holding my soul inside you,” Blair breathed, lost in Jim’s eyes, in the warm fan of his breath. “I want this to be slow and easy. Is that good for you?”


“Mmmm, better than good,” Jim gasped as Blair began a slow, careful rocking motion, each stroke angled to rub over Jim’s prostate. “Perfect – just – perfect.”


It wasn’t perfect; Blair was simply too much shorter than Jim to make kissing easy during sex, at least when he was on top. He solved the problem by kissing and nibbling Jim’s throat, then working his way down to the rock-hard nipples, licking and sucking until he was sure the hard little bumps were sore. Jim made no protest at either this maneuver or Blair’s languid pace; he simply wound his fingers into Blair’s hair, moved in time with Blair’s slow thrusts and moaned softly, drifting on Blair’s tenderness, letting Blair keep him on a sustained plateau of pure bliss.


And Blair, despite his own aching arousal, felt no desire to step up the pace. Every gentle thrust into Jim’s body felt sweeter than the last, every slow withdrawal a glorious torment, and although their movements remained slow and steady Blair felt the intensity building nonetheless, a slow pulsing of pleasure that seemed to flow from him to Jim and back again, building with each cycle.


Like love.


“Dear God,” Jim breathed in little harsh gasps. “So good – never felt anything like this – “


“Never,” Blair agreed fervently, raising up a little so he could gaze into Jim’s pleasure-glazed eyes. “Nothing like this ever. I’m inside you, but you’re inside me, we’re inside each other – “


“More,” Jim begged. “Don’t stop, please, more – “


Stopping was the last thing on Blair’s mind at that moment. He wanted nothing more in the world than for this incredible sensation to go on forever and ever, to feel their souls touching through the medium of their bodies. And yet at the same time, despite himself, he could feel his body and Jim’s reaching for that final crescendo, for some ultimate union the like of which he could barely imagine.


Jim’s moans were more intense now, and the heated clasp of his body, the spasmodic flutter of his muscles, the trembling fingers that combed through his hair, caressed his face, stroked up and down his back and shoulders were driving him insane. He could feel Jim climbing rapidly toward the peak, and Blair clamped down tightly on his own self-control lest he reach the summit before his lover. Then unholy inspiration struck and he thought he’d stack the odds a little.


He gave each of Jim’s already overstimulated nipples another tongue-lashing, then raised his upper body slightly and whipped his hair across the sensitive buds hard, again, again as he plunged deep into his Sentinel’s body, thrusting hard against his prostate.


Jim let out an unearthly howl and his legs convulsed around Blair’s waist, his fingers digging hard into Blair’s back. Jim’s hips jittered upward in short, hard spasms, his muscles clutching hotly at Blair, and Blair felt the hot spurts of Jim’s seed slick the sweaty space between their bellies. Gratefully Blair let go, filled Jim with the pulsing jets of his own pleasure, and Jim let out another howl as his Guide filled him.


Blair gave Jim’s nipples one last lash with his hair, then collapsed on the broad, sweaty chest under him. Jim, still shuddering with the last pulses of his own climax, folded his arms around Blair, holding him close, nuzzling Blair’s hair. Blair could hear the thunder of Jim’s heart under his ear, still rapid but gradually slowing.


Neither of them moved, content to hold each other in silence. Jim gave a little moan of regret as Blair’s softening cock slid free, and Blair pressed a comforting kiss against Jim’s collarbone. After several moments Blair shivered as the sweat on his back grew cold; Jim reached out a languid hand and flipped the edge of the blanket over them.


“I love you,” Jim whispered to Blair’s hair, most of which had fallen into his face. Blair wondered briefly how his hair must smell – whether some trace of the sandalwood-scented shampoo lingered, or whether it just smelled like sweat and semen now.


“I love you too, Jim,” Blair whispered. “So much. Thank you for giving me this.”


Jim chuckled softly.


“I was about to say the same thing. I’ll never forget it. You were right.”


Blair realized that he was laying his entire weight on his lover; regretfully he rolled them both to their sides, where they could hold each other in comfort. Jim made a little sound as he rolled, and Blair winced.


“Sore?” he asked quietly.


Jim shook his head, smiling.


“Not much,” he said. “You were so careful, Chief. So gentle. You could’ve nailed me to the mattress and I’d have loved every minute of it. But you were so patient, waiting until we were both ready, making it last so long, so good.” He brushed the backs of his fingers down the side of Blair’s face. “I didn’t know it was possible to love you more than I did already.”


Blair smiled self-consciously.


“So – how did you like the hair?” he asked.


“Oh, Chief.” Jim flushed, but smiled. “That was so wild, so hot. I can’t believe you shared yourself with me that way, but I loved every second of it.”


Blair chuckled.


“I’ll share anything with you that you’ll let me,” he said. “Anything you want.”


He glanced up. Jim’s eyes had gone rather vague and speculative. Then his eyes cleared and he blushed, kissing Blair’s forehead.


“Well, right now I’d like you to share some more of that chicken posole with me,” Jim grinned. “Hungry?”


Blair blushed too as his stomach growled loudly.


“I think I’ve worked up an appetite,” he admitted.


“Shower first,” Jim said firmly. “We smell like a sandalwood-scented orgy.”


“Shower sounds good,” Blair smiled. “And afterward I can rub oil all over you so you don’t itch.”


Jim chuckled.


“It’s going to itch as it grows back, though.”


“I bought you some silk pajamas. And boxers. And of course I’ll have to repeat the oil frequently.” Blair raised his eyebrows. “After every shower.”


“Ooooh.” Jim buried his face in Blair’s neck, licking the sweaty skin there. “And what do I get to do while you’re pampering me?”


“Oh, well – “ Blair grinned mischievously. “I know what you can do.”




“You can wash my hair.”

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