Jim’s eyes widened when he saw the spreader bar, and his cock jumped. Blair rarely restrained Jim’s legs, generally expecting him to hold still on his own; they saved full restraint as a special treat. Blair fastened the bar to the D-rings on Jim’s ankle cuffs, expanding the bar far enough that Jim could feel a little pull in his thigh muscles, but not wide enough that Jim would be uncomfortable for long periods. Simon stood where he was, watching rather wide-eyed, giving the appearance of a man very much out of his depth. Blair decided he needed a little reassurance.


“James, how’s the light?” he said casually.


“Green, Master,” Jim said immediately.


“Good boy.” Blair stood up and turned to Simon. “You can touch him if you want to, you know. He’d love for you to touch him. Just start out slow, he’s very sensitive when he’s excited.”


Simon hesitated a long moment. At last he stepped around behind Jim and laid his hands on Jim’s shoulders, slowly massaging the bunched muscles there. Jim made a contented murmuring sound, leaning his head back slightly.


Slowly Simon’s hands drifted down the backs of Jim’s shoulders and around over his ribs, slowly, gently but too firmly to tickle. The long dark fingers drifted down Jim’s abdomen, exploring the hard rippled muscles there. Jim was trembling now, moaning, fighting to keep his eyes open and on Blair’s. Simon’s hands slid down his hips at the sides, then back to cup those iron-hard buttocks.


“God, you’re so beautiful,” Simon whispered huskily.


“Answer, James,” Blair instructed.


“Thank you, Mr. Banks,” Jim said unsteadily.


“He’s such a good boy,” Blair said fondly. “Stroke his skin very lightly, just barely touch him. It drives him crazy. Watch him for a moment for me, will you, Simon? I’m going to get something.”


Simon glanced at Blair and nodded surprisedly, perhaps that Blair would trust him with Jim alone. Blair ducked back into the playroom for Jim’s blindfold, something else they seldom used since Blair liked to see Jim’s eyes. But this time he was sure that between him and Simon, they could keep Jim from zoning out easily enough.


When he returned to the living room Jim was moaning, his hips undulating ever so slightly as Simon, still behind him, stroked the insides of his thighs softly. They were both trembling.


“Mmmmm, what a picture the two of you would make,” Blair purred. Jim glanced at him and his eyes widened slightly as he saw the blindfold. Simon stepped back from Jim rather hurriedly, as if he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak.


“Yes, James, this is for you,” Blair chuckled. He slid the padded blindfold over Jim’s eyes and checked to make sure it would stay on comfortably.


“Frankly, James, I think you’ve been having all the fun here,” Blair said. “My turn.” He turned to Simon. “Would you like to see me?”


Simon licked his lips, his eyes dark with desire.


“Is that a trick question or something?” he asked huskily.


Blair grinned.


“I’ll start,” he said. He toed off one boot, then stepped up into Simon’s personal space. “Your turn.” He raised his arms suggestively.


Simon hesitated only a moment, then grasped the bottom of Blair’s black mesh tank top, raising it slowly over his head, careful not to catch on Blair’s nipple ring or his pulled-back hair in its clip.


“Master?” Jim whispered. “May I turn up hearing?”


“Yes, you may,” Blair said, chuckling. “No higher than four, though. Don’t turn anything else up.”


“Smell, Master?” Jim pleaded.


“No, James.” Blair pulled off his other boot and looked Simon straight in the eye. “Your turn.”


Simon sucked in his breath sharply. The long dark fingers trembled slightly as Simon slowly unlaced Blair’s leather pants. They weren’t skin tight, but they were too snug to drop by themselves. Blair raised his eyebrow daringly.


Simon took a deep breath and slid his hands around Blair’s waist, his fingertips dipping under the back of Blair’s waistband. Slowly Simon pushed the pants down, his hands sliding big and warm over Blair’s hips as the leather was slowly eased down over his buttocks, his hips. Blair’s cock slid free in the front, and Simon stared unabashedly, his breathing speeding again. Slowly he pushed the leather down over Blair’s thighs, his knees, his calves. Blair stepped out of the pants, one foot at a time, and Simon stood almost reluctantly.


“You’re shaved like him,” Simon murmured awkwardly.


Blair chuckled.


“You mean you didn’t look when I was changing before? Yeah, we both like each other smooth. Do you like it?” Before Simon could answer, Blair seized his hand and drew his fingertips over Blair’s smooth pubis, barely avoiding his erect cock.


Simon swallowed.


“Love it,” he said hoarsely.


Blair stepped back, smiling teasingly.


“So what’ll it be, Simon?” he said archly. “Gonna stay on the sidelines, or are you ready to join the unrepentant deviants and let me undress you?”


Simon hesitated only a moment; then he nodded, very slowly.


Blair reached up and pulled Simon’s sweater over his head, with some difficulty because of Simon’s height.


“James,” he said, “have you ever seen Simon naked?”


“No,” Simon mumbled, just as Jim said abashedly, “Yes, Master.”


“The hell he has,” Simon protested. “I’ve never even stripped in the locker room when there was anybody there.”


Blair smirked.


“When did you see him, James?”


Jim blushed bright crimson.


“In the station’s gym, Master,” he said almost in a whisper. “I was almost out the locker room door when he went into the showers.”


Blair chuckled.


“So you had to push up your vision to look?” he said.


Jim cleared his throat.


“Yes,” Master,” he mumbled guiltily.


Blair slowly pulled the bottom of Simon’s undershirt out of his pants, pulling it slowly up.


“Describe him,” Blair said conversationally. “Neck down, we see the rest every day. Describe what I’m uncovering, what you can’t see right now.”


Jim was silent for a moment. Blair pulled the undershirt over Simon’s head.


“He’s not quite as buffed up as me,” Jim said softly. “But he’s muscular, strong. His shoulders are naturally broad. His chest is wide and firm. His pecs don’t bulge, but they’re flat and hard. His chest hair is in the shape of a bird, two wings out over his pecs and a triangle going down the middle – not a real thick mat, but very dark and curly. His nipples are dark, kind of a purplish brown. His stomach isn’t fat, but it’s a little softer than yours, Master. His navel’s small, almost flat. He has a knife scar just under his ribs on the left side.”


“Stop there, James,” Blair said. “Don’t get ahead of me.” He glanced at Simon, who was shivering at this minute cataloguing of his body – by Blair’s eyes, by Jim’s memory. Very gently Blair traced the knife scar with his fingertips, then let his fingers trail down over Simon’s waist to the waistband of his jeans. He glanced up at Simon, asking permission with his eyes as his fingers moved to the button of his jeans. Simon’s eyes went dark and he reached up, threaded long dark fingers through Blair’s hair. Blair leaned into the touch, smiling, and deliberately unfastened the button. Simon shivered again but made no protest.


Mischievously Blair skipped the zipper for the moment, trailing his fingertips down the front of Simon’s jeans to explore the dimensions of the tentpole. Dear God. To think he actually put that in people. That organ should be registered as a lethal weapon. Blair shivered with desire. He wasn’t sure he could manage to accommodate that monster, but he certainly hoped that someday he’d get a chance to try. Then he imagined Simon shoving that cock into Jim, and abruptly Blair had to close his eyes and take several deep breaths and get himself back under control before he came right where he stood.


Easy there, fellow. Don’t get ahead of yourself. We’re not going there tonight – and if we’re going there in the future, then we are going to invest in a few larger dildos – not to mention the economy-sized bottles of lube – and practice a lot first. Poor Simon. I wonder how many women, let alone men, have taken one look at King Kong there and fled in terror? I mean, what the hell did I expect anyway? The man’s six foot four, probably size 13 shoes.


Simon was shivering under Blair’s soft exploring touch, and Blair smiled in sympathy, unzipping his jeans. Simon was apparently a boxer man too, and the larger man was about to burst out of them. Blair pushed jeans and boxers down together.


“Describe, James,” he said a little breathlessly as the tentpole sprang free in all its monumental glory, making Blair recall certain tribal phallus-worship rituals he’d read about.


Jim’s voice was decidedly shaky now.


“Simon has narrow hips, so narrow that they make his shoulders look that much wider,” Jim said, swallowing hard. “A really hard ass, the kind I just want to bite into – “


Simon sucked in his breath and the tentpole almost hit Blair in the face.


“James,” Blair chided. “I think we’re straying from the subject here.”


“His pubic hair is thick and dense but not very long,” Jim said unsteadily. “I didn’t see him erect, but even soft his cock is just plain huge, with a dark purplish head the same color as his nipples. I couldn’t really see his balls from the angle I was at. He has another scar on his belly, looked like a stab wound, and a gunshot graze on the outside of his left hip – “


Blair chuckled. Trust Jim to take as much note of Simon’s scars as his record-breaking genitals.


“Really strong, muscular thighs and calves, and big feet,” Jim finished. “I – I don’t know what else to say.”


“Mmmm, I think you did him justice, James,” Blair purred. “You were very observant. Of course, I’m not ignoring the fact that since you were able to push up your vision to see him so closely, this observation took place after you met me. Would you care to say something in your own defense here, James?”


That was one of their code phrases. If Jim was wanting to be punished, he’d simply say, “No excuse, Master” or “Forgive me, Master.” Otherwise he’d make some sort of an explanation. Blair found himself hoping that Jim wasn’t looking for punishment tonight. He wasn’t sure Simon was ready for it, and he really wasn’t in the mood himself, either.


“Master, it was only a few days after we met, right after the takeover at the station,” Jim said softly. “After all the fighting, I was worried about Simon, afraid he’d been hurt in all the fighting. Some of it was curiosity, Master, but most of it was just worry.”


Blair rose and went to Jim, rubbing soothingly over Jim’s chest and sides.


“Just what I’d expect from my beautiful, protective Sentinel,” he whispered reassuringly. “Come here, Simon, touch him and help me show him how glad we are that he cares so much.”


Once more Simon stepped around behind Jim, touching him less hesitantly this time. He nestled a surprisingly tender kiss just behind and under Jim’s ear, and Jim moaned softly.


“You’re a good friend,” Simon murmured in his ear. “The best ever. You don’t know how many gray hairs it’s put on my head, worrying about the crazy, dangerous situations you seem to get yourself into.” Jim shivered violently, and Blair was deliciously certain that Simon was rubbing that beautiful hard tentpole against Jim’s buttocks.


Blair leaned against Jim’s chest, breathed into his ear.


“I think you’re going to need a little distraction, James,” he murmured. “You think so?”


“Yes, Master,” Jim whispered gladly.


Blair picked up Jim’s nipple clamps which he’d laid ready on the nearby phone table.


“I adjusted the tightness on these last time,” he said, more for Simon’s benefit than Jim’s. “If they’re too tight, James, let me know.”


Simon watched wide-eyed as Blair carefully eased the clamps closed on Jim’s rock-hard nipples, and Blair wondered if he’d crossed Simon’s line already.


“James zones if he receives too much of one kind of stimulation,” Blair explained, giving Simon a reassuring nod. “It helps if he has to divide his attention. So...“ Winking at Simon, Blair knelt at Jim’s feet, licking his lips. “Want to help me give him something to be distracted from?”


Stroking the insides of Jim’s thighs, knowing how much Jim loved the feel of Blair’s leather gloves against his skin, Blair leaned forward and blew a soft stream of air over Jim’s cock, bottom to top and down again. He followed the path of the air with the tip of his tongue, holding Jim’s hips still when Jim moaned and shuddered.


Sudden warmth; Blair was startled when Simon knelt down beside him. The full dark lips brushed his own as Blair sucked and nibbled his way up the underside of Jim’s cock from the confining strap to the tip. Jim was whimpering continuously now, fighting to hold still as two sets of lips, two tongues, bathed his cock and balls in wet warmth.


Momentarily leaving Simon to continue Jim’s torment, Blair grabbed the lube from the phone table. He tapped Simon on the shoulder and, when the older man looked up, mutely handed him the tube. Simon glanced at the tube, then at Blair, frowning in puzzlement; when Blair waggled his fingers illustratively, however, Simon’s expression cleared and he nodded.


“M-Master?” Jim whimpered desperately, his neglected erection thrusting into the air.


“Shhhh, easy, James,” Blair crooned, stroking Jim’s thighs soothingly. “Easy, precious. Gonna make you feel good, so good. Just relax.”


Jim screamed hoarsely at the first touch of Blair’s warm tongue but he held rock still, even when Blair cupped his smooth scrotum in his leather-clad hands, massaging gently. When Simon’s lubed fingers traced down the cleft between his buttocks, however, Jim shuddered, his hips working in little desperate thrusts.


Blair took his mouth away long enough to say, “Light, James?”


“Gre-he-een, Mas – uhhhh!” He shuddered wildly as Simon’s long fingers slid into him, and Blair wasted no time, just opened his mouth and slid down Jim’s hard cock, tasting Jim’s precome, Simon’s saliva and his own in a heady melange that seriously threatened his self-control.


Jim cried out, his hips jittering helplessly back and forth between Blair’s mouth and Simon’s probing fingers, and Blair felt his balls trying to draw up, although the strap at the base of his scrotum prevented it. Blair could almost feel the waves of pleasure coursing through Jim’s body, and a moment later Jim slumped in his bonds, breathing hard, only semiconscious. Blair quickly withdrew his mouth, gesturing to Simon, and stood up.


“Close your eyes, James,” Blair said softly, waiting until Simon withdrew his fingers and stood also. “I’m going to take the blindfold off, and then I’m going to let you down. Come on, take a nice deep breath and pull yourself together. Okay now?”


Slowly Jim got his feet under him again.


“Yes, Master,” he panted.


“Eyes closed.” Blair slipped the blindfold off. “Okay, open your eyes slowly, slowly... good boy, that’s right. Now just stand still for a moment. Simon, unclip the chains, would you, please? I’m going to get his feet.”


Jim stood still while Blair and Simon released him from the chains and the spreader bar, gasping once when Blair removed the nipple clamps, but Blair and Simon had to help him over to the couch. Blair was gratified to see that Simon helped cuddle Jim without hesitation, stroking his shaking back, eagerly claiming his lips when Jim tilted his head back for a kiss.


For a moment Blair was almost jealous of the easy intimacy between Jim and Simon, the instant rapport, while he himself still felt a little awkward with the Captain. Jim and Simon had discussed and admitted their mutual desire after long friendship. They’d shared secrets, exchanged confessions, knew exactly how each felt about the other, before Blair had ever met Jim. Blair’s friendship with Simon, on the other hand, was filtered through Jim and a working relationship, his desire for the older man only newly acknowledged, and he had no real idea just how Simon felt about him. Blair had realized when he proposed the threesome that the whole idea basically placed Jim at the center, between Simon and himself, but in his eagerness to address Jim’s possible jealousy and territoriality he’d failed to acknowledge the possibility of his own.


Well, at least he had the satisfaction of knowing he’d brought the two most beautiful men he knew together. He knew Jim loved him, knew that Simon would never be a threat to that love, and anything else he’d work out for himself. If it took a little time, okay, it took a little time. But in the meantime there was still one thing left to do.


Blair waited until Jim and Simon kissed again, then reached up and deliberately unfastened Jim’s collar.


Jim froze. Puzzled, Simon pulled back from their kiss; his eyes widened as he saw Blair toss the collar aside.


“Jim,” Simon whispered, and kissed the Sentinel again, and slowly Jim relaxed. Another pang stabbed through Blair’s heart, but Jim was happy and that was what mattered. He bent down and gently removed the cock ring, then sucked Jim’s erect cock into the warm haven of his mouth.


Jim groaned and arched against Blair’s mouth; then he pulled away from Simon and cupped Blair’s face in his hands, his fingers tracing Blair’s lips as they slid along his cock. After a moment, however, he gently pulled Blair away, drawing him up into his arms.


“Oh, no,” he said, kissing Blair slowly, deeply. “This isn’t all for me tonight.” He shifted them around, lifting Blair easily so that Blair was stretched across Simon’s lap too, his head cradled on Jim’s shoulder.


“I think you two need to get acquainted,” Jim said simply.


Simon glanced at Blair uncertainly, as if asking for permission, and the realization that Simon was just as unsure and insecure as he was, if not more, melted most of Blair’s awkwardness. He gave Simon a slight nod, reaching up and drawing the older man’s lips down to his own.


Jim’s kiss was fire and wind, wild and passionate and a little savage even in his gentlest moments; there was always at least a trace of fierce possession in his kiss. Simon was earth and water, smooth and warm and enfolding, gentle, deliberate, romantic and heartbreakingly sweet, with a tentative quality that coaxed rather than seduced or claimed. As Jim had observed, Simon wasn’t as hard and buffed as the Sentinel, but he was even taller, and his big hands seemed to cradle Blair in their warmth; Simon’s touch, like his kiss, had a tentative gentleness to it. Jim could be and often was very gentle with Blair, but Jim’s gentleness was born of deliberate worshipful care, a conscious gesture of treasuring his lover; Simon handled Blair like a baby he was afraid of dropping.


Blair didn’t know whether Simon’s unsureness was because of worries about the relationship, or Blair’s smaller size, or simply that he hadn’t had too much experience with other men, but the solution was the same on all counts; once more Blair, the least experienced of the three, had to be the Guide. This time, though, Blair didn’t mind that in the slightest. He was willing, Simon was willing, and Jim was willing, and that was all the cue Blair needed. He cheerfully climbed Simon’s body like the mountain of sexuality it was, wrapped himself around the big man, and started questing with hands and mouth for erogenous zones. Jim laughed at Blair’s enthusiasm and joined the fray, and Simon, somewhat overwhelmed by the abrupt attack, could do little but surrender and enjoy as two sets of lips and two tongues worked their way up and down the record-breaking tentpole.


Then Jim drew back, pulling Blair with him despite Simon’s groan of protest.


“Wait a minute,” Jim panted, glancing at Blair. “This isn’t fair, you know, just attacking Simon like this. I mean, maybe he wants something else.”


Blair took a deep breath.


“That’s true,” he admitted. He turned to Simon. “What do you want, Simon?”


Simon was still gasping for breath.


“Hey, you two were doing pretty good just now, I thought,” he wheezed. “But – “ Suddenly he looked rather embarrassed.


“What?” Blair instinctively cuddled against Simon, rubbing his chest soothingly. “Simon, just tell us.”


“I thought – “ Simon took a deep breath. “I thought I was going to see the two of you, you know, making love.”


“Sure, Simon,” Blair said, smiling and concealing his slight disappointment that Simon still wanted to keep some distance. It wasn’t unreasonable or even surprising, he chided himself. Simon was the new partner in this arrangement and naturally he felt insecure. What’s more, Blair had, right off the bat, shown Simon Blair the Master and told him that Jim bit. Hard. No surprise if Simon didn’t leap right in enthusiastically. The poor guy probably would have been shaking in his shoes if he’d still been wearing them.


“Sure, Simon,” Blair repeated more positively. “No problem at all.” He turned to Jim. “What would you like, love?”


Jim took Blair in his arms, nuzzling the sensitive skin under his ear.


“You took my collar off too soon,” he breathed into Blair’s ear. “I was looking forward to servicing both of you, one way or another. So make it up to me. No foreplay, I’m too close already, just ram your cock into me and fuck me till I can’t see straight.”


Cha-CHING. “Sounds like a plan to me,” Blair said weakly. He briefly considered moving the action upstairs, then discarded the idea. Simon would feel even more like an outsider in their bed. “Uh – over the couch?”


“Floor,” Jim whispered. “Hands and knees. I’m going to sneak up on Simon when he least expects it.”


Blair realized what Jim had in mind and the thought was almost enough to push him over the finish line before the race had even started. He scrambled off the couch and dashed for the lube; by the time he got back, Jim was already on the rug on his hands and knees, gazing back expectantly at Blair over his shoulder.


Jim had said no foreplay (and Blair could sympathize with that; he himself was aching from the long buildup) and he was already open and lubricated from Simon’s fingers earlier, but that had been some time ago and there was no way Blair was going to hurt his Sentinel. He lubed Jim again and stretched him slowly with his fingers despite Jim’s protesting whimper.


“You’d better hurry up,” Jim panted. “Or I’m going to come on your fingers.”


Okay, there was something to be said for care and caution, but for the life of him Blair couldn’t think what it was right now. He quickly coated his erection with more lube, grabbed a pillow from the couch to kneel on to put him at the right height, and under Simon’s hot-eyed gaze, slid into Jim in one smooth push. Jim cried out, an animal sound of pure pleasure, and Blair thought he’d come right then and there, just from that sound – well, and the incredible hot slick tightness of his Sentinel’s body, okay, and the sight of all those muscles oiled and sweaty, yeah, and the fact that Simon was sitting there watching them and stroking that huge chocolate-colored treat, oh and let’s not forget the fact that I’ve been hard for about a thousand years now, okay?


Then Jim pushed back impatiently, thankfully reminding Blair that he had one very, very horny Sentinel to satisfy, and that knowledge gave him a precarious hold on his own arousal. He moved slowly at first, more for his own sake than Jim’s, but Jim didn’t protest the pace, and a moment later he actually unseated Blair when he lunged forward between Simon’s legs to capture Simon’s cock in his mouth, setting off a sexual chain reaction of epic proportions. Simon gasped, groaned and slumped back against the back of the couch almost in shock. Blair cried out in frustration at his sudden displacement, scooted the pillow forward and plunged back into Jim’s heat. Jim, startled by Blair’s abrupt re-entry, groaned around Simon’s cock and, to Blair’s utter astonishment, swallowed it whole. Simon, overcome by the sudden deep-throating, not to mention the vibrations of Jim’s groan, screamed hoarsely and clutched desperately at the sofa pillows, fighting not to come. Blair, completely inflamed by the sight of Jim swallowing that monster tentpole, pumped Jim hard and fast, plummeting toward release. Jim, impaled fore and aft and receiving the pounding he so desperately wanted, worked his way up and down Simon’s cock with ravenous fervor as he felt his own climax building. Simon, receiving the ferocious attentions of a completely lust-lost Sentinel, fought to keep from grabbing Jim’s head, shredding the sofa cushions, or dying of an embolism, while Blair, watching Simon completely lose control, was inspired to vent his lust on Jim, who...


The reactor was way past critical here and something had to give. Not surprisingly it was Jim, who had received the brunt of the evening’s teasing. He came explosively, his body clamping down on Blair in its spasms, his scream of completion vibrating around Simon’s cock as he took it deep one last time. That was more than enough to send Simon and Blair over the edge with him, Blair’s hands clamping down on his hips hard enough to leave bruises, Simon arching up into Jim’s mouth at an angle sure to leave the captain with lower back pain as a souvenir.


Blair, unsupported by either couch or front-and-rear impalements, was the first to collapse, slumping limply to the rug. Simon fell back on the couch with a weak groan of utter satisfaction. Jim fell to the floor beside Blair, barely managing to cup one of Simon’s feet with his hand to keep, somehow, the connection between them.


Long wheezy sweaty moments passed with no movement on anybody’s part.


“Wipes,” Blair mumbled. “Jim, can you reach the wipes?”


“I’m dead,” Jim groaned. “Simon, can you reach the wipes?”


“My body isn’t speaking to me,” Simon muttered. “Screw the wipes.”


“Screw the wipes,” Blair agreed. “Simon, come down here with us?”


“My body still isn’t speaking to me,” Simon said. “Let’s see... nice comfortable couch versus hard floor and two sweaty, sticky bodies – okay, okay.” He rolled off the couch, almost landing on Jim. Blair managed to lift an arm and drape it over Jim’s chest. Jim weakly kissed Simon’s shoulder.


“Beer, I need a beer,” Blair sighed. “Jim, can you fetch beers?”


“I need two beers,” Jim groaned. “I need to replenish body fluids. Simon, can you – “


“Didn’t we just have this conversation?” Simon grumbled. “I’m the birthday boy, why should I have to fetch the beers?”


Blair sighed again and started to push himself wearily to his feet. Jim snagged Blair and pulled him down on top of the Sentinel. Simon rolled over on his side and threw his arm over both of them.


“Screw the beers,” he said.


“I’ll get them in a minute,” Jim offered. “And the wipes. Happy birthday, Simon.”


Blair snorted with laughter, and Jim looked up at him.




“I was just thinking,” Blair chuckled. “Once again we’ve tried, and failed, to give Simon a birthday present that was for him and not for us.”


“It’s the best birthday present I’ve ever had,” Simon said, smiling. He waggled his eyebrows suggestively. “So what are you two going to give me for Christmas?”


Jim and Blair exchanged grins.


“Well, it’s cheaper than Jags tickets... “


“And a fishing cabin in the middle of winter in Cascade? No way, man, no way at all... “


“And it’s healthier than cigars... “


“And everybody at the office gives you coffee...“


“Just one problem, Simon.”


“What’s that, Jim?”


“How the hell are we all going to fit under the tree?”


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