Jim drove slowly, scanning the side streets and alleys with Sentinel-sharp vision. This whole thing still made him a little uneasy even though he’d worked out most of the plan. Blair hadn’t said exactly where he’d be, had just given Jim a general area.


Which was possibly his Guide’s idea of a joke, because given his slow driving and his close attention, the hustlers made the not-entirely-incorrect assumption that he was looking for some action. Invitations, suggestions, and occasionally dollar figures assailed his hearing, and Jim prayed that nobody from Vice was working undercover in the area. He was about to give up and go home when he spotted a familiar figure leaning against a streetlight post in the classic hustler’s pose – shoulders slightly slouched, hips thrust brazenly out, one leg bent with the sole of the foot against the post behind him. But although the pose was mirrored a dozen times within a one-block radius, this particular figure would have drawn any eye instantly.


Tight black jeans, tucked into black leather boots, hugged a breathtakingly perfect ass and gave a good indication of the equally luscious package in front. Tucked into the black jeans was an almost billowy silk shirt exactly the same shade of blue as the eyes above. Curly brown hair framed the strong-boned face. The full lips always seemed to pout slightly; the bright blue eyes twinkled with mischief and speculation.


As soon as Jim pulled to the curb, half a dozen miscellaneous hustlers headed for the truck, but Jim’s target was there first, warding the others off with an imperious gesture.


“Sorry, guys,” he called over his shoulder. “This one’s mine.”


Oh, God, Chief, am I ever, Jim thought, biting back his verbal agreement. Blair leaned in the window, giving Jim a speculative top-to-bottom inspection.


“So... you lookin’ for some action tonight, Mister?” he said.


Jim swallowed as Blair’s pink tongue-tip emerged and made a slow circle of those luscious lips.


“Yes,” he said hoarsely, then cleared his throat. “If you’re free, that is.”


Blair chuckled.


“I’m not free; I’m not even cheap,” Blair grinned. “But I am easy.”


Jim regained some of his composure at the daring tone.


“But are you good?”


“The best that money can buy,” Blair bragged. “Come on, man, meter’s running. Twenty-five if all you want is a quick blow in your car, a hundred for a fuck, top or bottom, no frills – “


“How much for the night?” Jim asked, raising one eyebrow.


Once more Blair gave Jim and up-and-down appraisal.


“For you, three hundred,” he said, licking his lips again.


“That’s a lot of money,” Jim said, trying unsuccessfully to look doubtful.


“And I’m a lot of man,” Blair countered.


“All right,” Jim said, probably too quickly. “Climb in. I’ve got a room.”


Blair slid into the truck, putting one foot up on the dashboard, grinning at Jim as if daring him to make a complaint. Jim was too riveted by the sight of Blair’s tight jeans stretching over his groin.


“Hey, man, night’s yours,” Blair said in an amused tone. “It costs the same whether you want to spend it in your hotel room fucking me or here in your truck staring at me.”


“Uh. Sorry.” Jim quickly drove away. “I’m Jim. What’s your – what should I call you?”


Blair shot him a sultry look.


“You can call me Blue.”


“Blue.” Jim shivered slightly as Blair/Blue reached over and laid his hand on Jim’s thigh, halfway from knee to groin. “I like that.”


“Oh, yeah?” Blue slid his hand further up Jim’s thigh to rest squarely on his groin, where a significant swelling was now in evidence. “D’you like this too?”


Jim barely maintained control of the steering wheel. His breath was coming faster now.


“Yeah,” he whispered huskily. “I do.”


“Well, if you like that,” Blue purred, “you’re gonna love this.” Whereupon he unfastened Jim’s belt and unzipped Jim’s jeans before enough blood reached Jim’s brain to form a protest.


“Wait a minute – “ Jim gasped weakly.


“Ohhh, but you don’t want to wait,” Blue chuckled, reaching into Jim’s boxers and pulling out his erection – and, before Jim could say another word, swallowing it in one wet gulp. Jim fought to keep the truck in his lane.


“Jesus Christ!” Jim yelped, pulling ineffectively at Blue’s hair, trying to wrench that very distracting mouth away. “Come on, are you trying to kill us both?”


Blue relinquished his erection with one last slurp, then sat up.


“You pay, you say,” he said, shrugging. “Jesus, you’re uptight. How far is this room, anyway?”


“Right here.” Jim turned the truck into the hotel’s parking lot, parked and hastily tucked himself back into his pants. Blair had actually picked out this hotel because of its cleanliness and its pretty much soundproof walls. It wasn’t exactly the sort of hotel in which this kind of assignation would typically take place, but sometimes authenticity had to take a back seat to Sentinel sensitivity.


Blue didn’t duck discreetly into the room; he strolled in, taking possession of the place in one sweeping gaze around the room. Halfway in the door, he paused, giving Jim a sultry glance over his shoulder. The light from the room shone softly through the halo of his hair, surrounding his face with an unearthly glow. His blue eyes were incandescent, his full lips moist. Jim froze at the vision of sheer unadulterated lust made flesh.


“Well?” Blue purred. “Coming?”


“Just about,” Jim muttered, and followed the spider into its web.


Blue strode casually to the bed and lay back on his elbows, one knee up, head back as if posing for a portrait.


“So here I am,” he said lazily. “Bought and paid for, top to toes. What’s your pleasure?”


“Undress me,” Jim said hoarsely.


Blue scooted to the edge of the bed and stood in one fluid movement. Those skilled fingers danced down Jim’s buttons with amazing agility, the blue eyes never leaving his own. Blue slid the shirt down over Jim’s arms, then unexpectedly leaned forward and bit Jim’s chest, not over his nipple but nearby, a quick hard nip that made Jim’s eyes water and his cock spring to rock-hard attention. Immediately Blue kissed the bitten flesh tenderly, licking it, then gave Jim a saucy grin as he unbuckled Jim’s belt.


“You’re a wild one, aren’t you?” Jim said unsteadily, letting Blue unbutton his jeans and push them down. He thought the smaller man might suck him again, but to his surprise Blue ignored the erection that was all but poking him in the eye.


“You have no idea, man,” Blue said silkily. Abruptly he pushed Jim hard, sending him backward onto the bed, then yanked off Jim’s shoes and socks, pulling his jeans down over his feet. “Stay there.”


Jim swallowed and nodded. That hot expression in Blue’s eyes, that sly smile that promised a thousand forbidden delights, held him utterly captive. He didn’t think he could have moved if he wanted to. Which he didn’t.


“Watch,” Blue breathed. “Watch me.”


As if Jim had any choice.


Blue turned his back to Jim. Jim could see from the movements of Blue’s arms that the smaller man was running his hands down the front of his shirt, over his chest, not unbuttoning the garment yet, just feeling its silky softness against his skin. Those nimble hands slid to his waist, slowly around the slim hips as if only now discovering their firmness, down over those perfect buttocks, then pausing before starting the journey slowly back up.


Blue turned slightly, presenting Jim with a three-quarters profile, and unbuttoned the very top button of his shirt, leaning his head forward enough to let some of his hair dangle in his face, glancing at Jim through the fringe of his hair. Jim was transfixed, stunned at the transformation. Gone was the sleek seducer. Now wide innocent eyes, seeming wider because of the heavy black lashes around them, peered shyly at him through the curtain of hair. The same fingers that had so agilely divested Jim of his shirt seemed hesitant now as if reluctant to relinquish even one button; the full lips, slightly parted, might have been trembling. Suddenly Blue was an innocent, untouched and shy, reluctantly preparing to sacrifice his purity. Every movement, every gesture said, Be gentle, be kind, this is all so new and frightening…. Only a few times had Jim seen Blair so vulnerable – after the incident with Maya, for example, and Jim understood how Blair hid this tender part of himself, what it meant for him to share it now.


Jim gasped, riveted, for a moment feeling like some horrible cradle-robbing despoiler – but before those negative feelings could fully form, Blue turned to face Jim full on, smiling lazily, eyes half closed as he slid the silk shirt slowly, sensuously down his arms, letting the soft fabric caress his skin. He pulled the shirt off, his eyes never leaving Jim’s, rubbed the silk slowly across his nipples, throwing his head back as the little nubs hardened under the soft friction as the fingers of his other hand slowly unlaced his trousers. In that instant he’d transformed seamlessly from virgin to pure hedonist, drunk on pleasure, awareness turned entirely inward as if forgetting Jim altogether, his body accepting his own caresses as its due, a tithe of sensation he paid to himself. The front of his leather pants now hung open; his fingers barely dipped under the waistband, brushing across his flat belly, teasing himself rather than Jim, promising more, more, ever more, denying himself only to prolong his enjoyment. Ah, yes, this was Blair, the slave to his own pleasure; Jim hadn’t seen him often because this Blair had lived amidst a whirlwind of willing women, but he’d heard this Blair several times, heard the occasional one-man orgies (no other word could properly encompass the sounds) from the downstairs bedroom.


Then before Jim could recover from that incredible spectacle, Blue’s eyes opened and fastened fully on his, and in one instant, one shift to cock his hips, one transition of his gestures from sensual to provocative, he transformed from hedonist to whore. His sultry eyes invited, his moist parted lips seduced, the slow sweeps of his hands as he slid his pants down over his hips forced Jim to feel that caressing touch on his own skin. With neither shame nor reluctance he matter-of-factly unveiled his erection, offering it proudly but almost dispassionately just as he offered his lips, his hands, his ass, as yet another fine-tuned accessory by which Jim might seek his own pleasure, as a car dealer might display his top-of-the-line model for the most discerning buyer. This Blair was almost a stranger to Jim, one he glimpsed occasionally when Blair was his Master, putting his own pleasure second in his single-minded attention to Jim’s needs.


Jim’s mouth had gone bone dry, but his erection was leaking profusely. Dear God, this was so erotic, so incredible, Blue offering him fantasies within a fantasy, each new tableau Jim might sample –


Blue stepped out of boots and pants and with a carefree flip of his hair transformed again, eyes warm and mischievous, a hint of humor in the quirk of his lips, hands sliding over his smooth-shaven groin as if discovering it for the first time, a delightful surprise. He stroked his erection unashamedly, biting his lower lip slightly as he threw his head back and moaned; then he turned his head slightly and fastened hot wild eyes on Jim, inviting Jim to vicariously share the pleasure of his own touch even as he took pleasure in the sight of Jim’s naked body, the awareness of Jim’s desire. Strands of his hair flipped into his mouth and he sucked on the ends slightly. Ah, but this Blair was no stranger; this was his beautiful pagan lover who could look Jim straight in the eye and tell him how much he’d like Jim to fuck him, whether they were in their own bedroom or the middle of the street.


And in that instant, Jim understood what Blair was reminding him – that there was no part of themselves that they could not share with each other, that while Jim might want to sample some other facet of Blair Sandburg, at the same time he was offering a new facet of himself to his lover. If Blair gave him the whore, so Jim was giving Blair the customer.


Jim jumped up from the bed, seizing Blue and pulling him down to the mattress with him. Roughly he grabbed Blue by the hair and shoved his head down to his groin.


“Suck me,” he said hoarsely. “Show me what I’ve paid for.”


If Blue minded the rough treatment, he made no sign of it; rather he seemed inflamed by it, unhesitatingly sucking in Jim’s cock like his first drink of water after a long dry spell. Jim cried out and his hips came up off the mattress as he discovered that Blue apparently had a bottomless throat and no gag reflex whatsoever.


Blue was indeed a sheer sorcerer with his mouth. He didn’t bother to try to pit his smaller size and strength against Jim’s; instead he reduced Jim to a weak, trembling, whimpering mass by sheer skill of lips and tongue and magical fingers. He had to be psychic; there was no other explanation for the ease by which he read Jim’s every response, every desire, and acted on them with fiendish precision. He knew exactly when to suck Jim deep into his throat in hard plunging strokes and when to back off, teasing Jim’s hard cock with little cat-licks and the warm fan of his breath, when to suck at the leaking head until the rich pleasure threatened to overload Jim’s senses and when to suddenly nip the insides of Jim’s thighs, startling him out of a near-zoneout. He knew exactly when to roll Jim’s balls warmly in his hand and when to tease them with the lightest possible scratches of his fingernails. He took Jim to the very edge again and again, dragging Jim groaning in relief and disappointment back from that edge each time until Jim was sure that the next time he’d simply go insane. When Blue started to go down on him again, Jim dragged him away, pulling him back up and rolling them over so that Jim lay over the smaller man.


“No,” he said breathlessly. “I don’t want to come in your mouth, and I’m getting tired of your teasing.”


Blue gazed up at him, unafraid and utterly unrepentant.


“You pay, you say,” he said again. “Wanna fuck me?” he suggested slyly.


Jim wanted, more than anything.


“Yeah,” he growled. “I want to come in that hot little ass.”


“You’re the boss,” Blue said jauntily. “How you want it?”


Jim gazed hotly down at the incredible body under his. With a growl he suddenly flipped Blue over on his stomach, shoving his knees under him and pulling his hips up in the air. Roughly he pushed Blue’s knees wide apart, grabbing the tube of lube he’d left on the nightstand beside the bed in preparation for this event, but even before he slid a finger into the hot ass displayed for his pleasure, his sense of smell told him that the tight little opening was already lubed and ready for him. Jim groaned in arousal at the discovery, hastily applied a thin coating of lubricant to his aching cock, and thrust himself home with one firm, steady push.


“Oh, yeah!” Blue screamed.


“Oh my GOD!” Jim croaked.


If he’d ever felt his partner this hot and tight and excited, Jim couldn’t remember when it was. For a moment he held perfectly still, afraid to move lest this delightful ride come to a premature end. Blue, however, rocked slightly forward and then pushed back hard, impaling himself on Jim’s length, echoing Jim’s groan of ecstasy.


“Come on, man,” Blue growled. “You paid for my ass, now let’s see you take it! Come on, man, fuck me, get your money’s worth!”


That taunt was more than Jim’s already precarious control could take. Jim roared, seized Blue’s hips and drove him into the mattress.


“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Blue grunted under the deep, hard thrusts. “Ride me hard! Ride me into the ground, man!”


“Gonna fuck you like the whore you are,” Jim growled.


“Yeah, oh yeah, I’m your whore,” Blair moaned, pushing back against each deep thrust. “Fuck me, Jim, use me, take me – “


“Yeah, my whore,” Jim groaned, pumping faster.




“MY slut!” Jim growled, rocking back on his knees and pulling Blue back into his lap, pulling him down and impaling him on his diamond-hard erection. He could feel the final explosion rushing toward them together. He tangled his fingers in Blue’s hair, wrenching his head back.


“MORE!” Blue screamed as Jim claimed his erection with his free hand, pumping it hard in time with his thrusts.


MINE!” Jim roared, and sank his teeth into the skin between Blue’s neck and shoulder, tasting the coppery tang of Blue’s blood as he pumped his own body’s fluid into the hot ass that spasmed around him in climax, as Blue’s semen pumped out over his hand, as Blue’s throat locked around the scream of his own ecstasy.


For a moment they were frozen, every muscle locked in pleasure, hearts pounding, blood singing, souls merging at that split second of perfect union.


It couldn’t last. They collapsed to the bed in a tangle of sweaty limbs and panting kisses, stroking, holding drowsily. Hearts slowed, breath quieted, blood cooled, pleasure slowly faded. Only the union of souls remained as all masks were cast aside and they became simply Blair and Jim once more, breathing love into each other’s mouths. Jim pulled the covers over them before the sweat covering Blair’s body turned cold.


“You okay, love?” Jim whispered, moving Blair’s hair aside so he could examine the bite. It was barely bleeding, but it would certainly leave a hell of a bruise. He’d clean and bandage it in a few minutes – when they could move, that is. “I wasn’t too rough for you?”


“Never.” Blair kissed Jim’s chin. “I love it when you go wild like that. Now quit acting like a worried grandma and cuddle me.”


“Hey, I’m your Blessed Protector and entitled to worry,” Jim protested mildly. “But consider yourself cuddled.”


They snuggled in silence for several long minutes, caresses growing more languid as drowsiness set in.


“Hey, where the hell was Simon?” Blair mumbled sleepily into Jim’s neck. “Wasn’t he supposed to burst in and ‘arrest’ us about fifteen minutes ago?”


Jim checked his watch.


“More like a half hour ago,” he grumbled. “Damn. I was really looking forward to ‘bribing’ him.”


Blair chuckled.


“And I was looking forward to paying my debt to society, with interest,” he said. “Why don’t you give him a call?”


Jim grunted in agreement and fished his cell phone out of his jacket pocket, dialing Simon’s number.


“Banks,” Simon growled on the other end.


“Hey, Simon,” Jim said cautiously. From Simon’s tone he could tell the captain was in a rotten mood. Not the time for teasing him about what he’d missed.


“Oh, Jim.” Simon cleared his throat. “Sorry. I’m just mad as hell. I got stuck in a meeting with the commissioner, and by the time I got out of that, three men had gone home sick with the flu, so I had to stay and help hold down the fort. I’m probably going to be stuck here for hours yet.” He sighed raggedly. “Believe me, I’d rather be there with you two.”


“Yeah – we missed you,” Jim said sympathetically. “Wish you’d called. We could have put this off for another night.”


“If I’d called, it would have been too tempting to haul you two in here to help me handle the office,” Simon growled in mock annoyance. “I keep telling myself how many hours you worked last week. Anyway, by the time I got out of the commissioner’s office, I was afraid if I called I’d interrupt you two.” His voice turned wistful. “Any chance of a raincheck?”


Jim chuckled.


“I think we can manage that,” he said. He exchanged goodbyes with Simon and put his cell phone on standby, rolling back over to pull Blair close.


“Well, if it’s any consolation, he didn’t get cold feet,” Jim said as Blair nestled against his heat. “Throw an imaginary rotten tomato at the commissioner. Again.”


Blair sighed irritably.


“Does it have to be imaginary?”


“Hey, no more criminal activities tonight,” Jim warned. “Simon’s not available to arrest us, and I won’t have the energy to do it for – “ He glanced at his watch. “About a half hour at least.”


“Oh, yeah?” Blair wiggled his ass against Jim’s groin. “We’ll have to see about that. After all, we’ve got the room for the night.”


“Yeah, and I’ve got Blue for the night,” Jim grinned, feeling a renewed stirring in his groin as the presence of his Guide worked its inevitable magic on him.


“Hey, I’m easy, but I’m not cheap,” Blair said, suddenly rolling them over so that he lay on top of Jim. “Remember, you already owe me three hundred dollars, and I have every intention of collecting.”


“Wait a minute,” Jim protested. “You don’t really expect me to pay you, do you?”


Blair grinned, licking his lips.


“Nah,” he said silkily. “I think I’ll take it out in trade.”

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